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This blog will be mainly for reviewing the “End Series”, commissioned by Tim LaHaye and coauthored by Craig Parshall. I may branch out into other books later, though.

I’d like to take a moment to specify the basic comment moderation policy of this blog, since an ounce (gram?) of prevention saves a pound (kilogram?) of cure and all that:

1. Comments will only be edited for obvious HTML fail (since non-mods can’t edit their own comments, AFAIK) or to ROT13 spoilers for the book(s) I’m reviewing. I also reserve the right to edit comments for personal attacks, but see #2.

2. Misbehavior that will get comments deleted, not just edited:

2a. Personal attacks on me or another commenter.
2b. Comments which bypass the spam filter and are clearly irrelevant to the discussion.
2c. Revelation of any personal information which could conceivably lead to off-line identification of myself or a commenter. People should be free to reveal as much or as little about themselves as they choose.

3. Three ‘strikes’ of any of the above will result in a banning to the extent that WordPress is capable of enforcing.


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