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The Moment After II Part 1

[ NOTE: Image-heavy post ]

Hello again!

The movie starts off with a short recap, standard End Times fare as noted from the voiceover with overlapping voices, with each line representing a different speaker:

There is no doubt it’s the beginning of great tribulation…
Don’t be blind to what the government is trying to do!
…and democracy. One world government.
Take heed, my brothers. These things are happening now.
We must remain vigilant.

Then we get the One World Government and treaty with Israel and all the rest, as a newscaster speaks:

The Moment After 2 - The Awakening(2006).avi_snapshot_00.00.34_[2013.08.26_12.57.34]“Tonight’s top story, the UN Charter becomes void as the last two remaining countries in the world surrender their now worthless paper money and economic autonomy to join Global Alliance.”


Then we recap the President mentioning the “B” chip and Rabbi Messianic Jew (’cause he’s one of the 144,000) Jacob Krause telling us all it’s really the BEAST chip (shock! horror!). Then Krause’s voiceover changes subject: “And for all the brothers and sisters who are now being persecuted throughout the world, we especially want to lift up Adam Riley, whose execution is now drawing near.” (the second image is a close-up on the article, which can just be made out well enough to read, for those who are interested)

The Moment After 2 - The Awakening(2006).avi_snapshot_00.00.58_[2013.08.26_13.16.57]The Moment After 2 - The Awakening(2006).avi_snapshot_00.01.01_[2013.08.26_13.17.57]

Of course, being as we’re in an End Times themed movie, the good guys will totally win and Adam won’t be killed. But let’s see how it plays out, yes?

A talking head indicates that Riley’s execution order was upheld in a court and so no delay of his execution is gonna happen. Darn.


We eventually end up with Riley daydreaming he’s out in the desert in his suit, only to wake up and realize he’s in his orange jumpsuit with a couple more prisoners, all of them apparently being taken to be executed. I wonder if they have Loyalty Enforcement Facilitators in this fictional version of Earth or if they’ll just go with the old firing squad.

The brown-haired guy in the middle (who, in the truck, is seated opposite Riley) is Rex. The darker-skinned guy, Robert Jackson, has a way with the lingo of the Bible: “My time is in your hands. Deliver me from my enemies and those that pursue me.”

That being said, one suspects the dude isn’t quite as “humble in Christ” as other Christians might be.

Anyway, the truck (in a pretty obvious body kit) shows up at a checkpoint.

The Moment After 2 - The Awakening(2006).avi_snapshot_00.03.33_[2013.08.26_13.32.54]

Small talk ensues. The driver complains the air conditioning’s busted, and given that the movie (and its predecessor) were filmed in California, I don’t envy them in that heat (could be worse though; it could be in the humid parts of the US in summer)!

Turns out the actual place of this execution is so secrety-secret they can’t even tell the guards where they’re going. BUT SURPRISE! The checkpoint guards aren’t real guards! They shoot the driver and passenger, then dash around to the back of the truck and release the prisoners!

Much backslapping and congratulating all around, then Riley gets invited along with the escapees, who steal the pickup truck parked nearby. He refuses, preferring to go off alone.

The Moment After 2 - The Awakening(2006).avi_snapshot_00.05.40_[2013.08.26_13.41.16]

Maybe you shoulda gone with the Christian militia guys after all, buddy. That gas tank ain’t gonna un-leak itself.

He decides to hot-foot into the hills and hopefully run across someone who won’t bust him and turn him in for an undoubtedly huge dead or alive reward.

The Moment After 2 - The Awakening(2006).avi_snapshot_00.06.38_[2013.08.26_13.43.49]

I have to say, the choice of a more common generic serifed font compared to that sillyass typewriter font for the first movie is a nice change and looks more appealing. Also, nice scenery into which Adam is running, albeit he won’t have any water or food.

We then see a fade to the title, then fade to black and scene cut.

I think I’ll take up the next part in a new post, since we’ll be switching to Baker, Riley’s ex-partner.


6 thoughts on “The Moment After II Part 1

  1. My favourite body kit is the Timecop car. It’s just such… overkill, in a world where normal cars clearly still exist.

    “No, thanks, I think I’ll just stay on my own, with no water, in this desert.”

    The font looks quite a bit like Georgia (especially that stark W). I’m not a big fan, but it certainly has its place, though I’m not sure the title card of a film is it. At least they didn’t use Trajan.

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  3. I like this title font a lot better than the last one. It’s something I (someone with minimal knowledge of typography) could see in a movie theater without feeling that anything is out of place. The rest of the movie might clue me in however… :p

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