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Prelude: The Moment After II

So, we return to see many of our characters on the big screen direct to DVD TV screen!

It is of note that The Moment After II: The Awakening took about six years to get issued after TMA, and it shows. The characters have visibly aged in some cases, and if they don’t get The Moment After III out soon, it might be impossible to re-use the same people and believably maintain continuity. Bad enough when they did this (having to swap out all the actors) to Atlas Shrugged – it just made a crappy movie even worse.

That said I predict that this movie will suffer from the haphazardly constructed plot in TMA, and that some hurried patch jobs and/or limiting the focus to only the major characters will be one way they’ll avoid needing to factor in world events or other phenomena which would require linking events of the first movie to the second, beyond the fact that Riley is in jail when we start out.

I’m not sure how I’ll split it up this time, so I’ll go back and edit the section titles to indicate part 1 of x, 2 of x, etc. In any case, Part 1 due to come shortly! 🙂


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