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EoA: Backlash

Edge of Apocalypse: pages 315-317 (Chapter Fifty-Three)

Let’s resume now, with a look at Senator Straworth’s perspective, then the Jordans.

First off, please observe how patently ridiculous this is, even in the era of Twitter, Facebook, Digg, and so on:

By five minutes before 5:00 that afternoon, the Capitol Hill telephone switchboard in Congress became so overloaded from the outraged calls of citizens that it was rendered inoperable. At 5:25, Senator Straworth was called into an emergency caucus with his party members.

Well then.

So in just half an hour, the Allfone-equipped contingent of the US population acted with one voice demanding that the evil perfidious Congress stop hounding one Joshua Jordan, who, let us remember, has already had the props kicked out from under his insistence that he and he alone gets to own the super secret laser redirection system RTS-RGS.

There’s no denying that in modern ‘net culture the pace of information flow and response is faster than it was twenty or thirty years ago, but I still find it really implausible that in half an hour enough of a response was generated to get Congress’s attention.

A half a day, maybe. A day, certainly.

Especially if the bigwigs in the Democratic Party are taking a wait-and-see attitude to see if this AmeriNews thing is a flash in the pan or the real deal.

Senate Majority Leader Russell Beyers spoke for them all: “Straworth, you’ve got a cyclone by the tail here,” he said. “This subpoena issue involving Joshua Jordan is now threatening every one of us in the party. You need to withdraw that subpoena–and now. Make this all go away.”

Senator Straworth puffed his chest and refused, yelling so hard that spittle flew out of his mouth. “I’m not afraid of a political tornado.”

Oh, honestly, Parshall. Straw-man this guy some more, would you?

“I come from Oklahoma,” the majority leader intoned calmly. “You don’t. We know a little about the power of a tornado. It can suck a man clean off the surface of the earth.” Then he added, “And if that doesn’t remove you, your fellow senators will.”

By 5:30, Senator Straworth had ordered the official withdrawal of the subpoena that had been issued against Joshua Jordan, retroactively. And advised the clerk in Judge Jenkins’ court accordingly.

Well, that’s that. Byebye, subpoena and hello, paeans to Joshua Jordan’s derring-do feats of Davidic proportions against the Governmental Goliath!

(additional nitpick: I don’t like Parshall’s tacking on of the last “And…” sentence like that instead of making the text flow more smoothly.)

And with that, we switch now to the Jordans and their Roundtable cabal.

Joshua, Abigail, and all the members of the Roundtable had been patched into a conference call to receive the news.

Jubilation rang out. Phil Rankowitz was so overjoyed he could hardly speak. Even Alvin Leander was laughing, saying he was still in disbelief that they pulled it off.

It’s not hard to “pull it off”, Mr. Leander, when the author set the whole thing up so your buddy Josh would get what he wanted in the first place!

We find that Harry Smythe is trying to ask Judge Jenkins to formally quash her order requiring the arrest of Joshua Jordan for failure to present his documentation per the Congressional subpoena. But as far as Joshmeister is concerned, that’s small potatoes.

“Harry’ll do the right thing,” Joshua said with an air of confidence. “I’m not worried. I think the victory’s been won, darling. And I owe it all to you. Your strategy was absolutely brilliant.”

[Abigail said,] “I give God the credit, Josh, honey. He does the miracles. Even when we’ve quit looking for them.”

I would say in this instance it’s more like “I give the author the credit, Josh, honey.” 😛

So! With that, we finally are at the end of Chapter 53 and next time, we meet back with Caesar Demas.

And Cal Jordan.


8 thoughts on “EoA: Backlash

  1. So you’ve got a defense contractor who has used his prototype weapon to cause two nuclear explosions off the eastern seaboard and who is now refusing to turn it over to the government that paid for it.

    And you back off because of a twitterstorm.

    OK, this government really is too stupid to live.

    • It’s always nice for Parshall when he can contort the erstwhile Bad Guy Government into doing whatever he wants, but it creates ridiculous and absurd actions on the part of the folks in charge.

      Also, “OK, this government really is too stupid to live.”?

      Have to admit, I burst out laughing at your punch line. 🙂

  2. Is it just me, or is Abigail’s little “I give God the credit, Josh, honey. He does the miracles. Even when we’ve quit looking for them” a passive-aggressive snipe at Josh for not believing? It would certainly fit Abby’s MO.

    • Yeah, it could be read that way. Especially as people like LaHaye, who style themselves RTCs (well, they may not SAY they are the only Real True Christians, but the fact that LaHaye can so unself-consciously vet Jenkins portraying Rayford mulishly jutting his jaw out with the whole ‘you wanna make something of my BIBLE reading? I’m gonna read my BIBLE and there’s nothing you can do to stop me opening up my BIBLE!’ thing, suggests that for all intents and purposes, LaHaye would call himself one and by extension so would other LaHaye-like Christians)

      So yeah, it seems that Abigail is indeed picking a little at Josh because all RTCs know miracles still happen even if they can all be explained by lucky coincidence or behind-the-scenes human influence instead.

  3. I might be able to believe this half-hour thing if it was a long-standing, respected (justified or not) news agency making a broadcast over traitors in congress.

    But this is the first broadcast of a never-seen-before news agency. And a little digging would probably turn up that the very man they’re propping up as a persecuted hero basically OWNS the station.

    I mean, the evil conspiracy guys tried to block the news agency because they knew who was running it Why don’t they just publish that information. How do you think it’ll look to the public when a rich buisnessman makes a newscompany which starts by calling its owner a hero and every politician who opposes him a traitor? Fox News had beat their “We’re the only non-socialist-infected news source, trust only us”-drum for years before they could get away with that.

    And yeah, the whole ‘traitors’ part is ridiculous. The readers of this book know this is true, that the senators want the RTS-RGS so they can give it to others. But the characters in the book have found no proof of that. This is just assumed to be a reasonable conclusion when the government wants to look into a device that can seemingly redirect nuclear weapons anywhere** that is being held and operated by a private buisnessman. What other reason but “give it to America’s enemies” could there possibly be?

    **Josh pinky-swears it couldn’t ever send it anywhere but to the place where it was launched, but he’s not giving Congress the weapon’s specs, so how do they know he’s lying? Or what if the rewriting of the destination doesn’t work right? Or the missile doesn’t have the fuel to go back to where it’s launched. Or it works exactly as advertised, but Josh plans to use it on US weapons too? Or he plans to sell it to forgein powers himself?

    There’s a billion reasons why no sane politician would leave such a critical defense system AND a potentially devestating weapon in the hands of a single private buisnessman, because he’s just SOOOO much more patriotic than the politicians. That LaHaye had a world written where everyone immediately agrees that the politicians must be traitors is disgusting.

    • The continuing artificialness of the conflict in this book really strains credibility at times, especially since anyone who doesn’t believe in what LaHaye and Parshall are conveying would have to spot the absurdities almost at once.


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