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EoA: The Commissioner Acts

Edge of Apocalypse: pages 314-315 (Chapter Fifty-Three)

Hello all! I apologize a LOT for being absent from this blog for so long. Chalk it up to sheer laziness. πŸ˜›

(A note: I’ve added italics to some portions of my extracts to set them off from other parts of the text; the text itself has no italics for this part.)

So we’re back to the office of FCC Chairman Jacob Daniels. He’s consulted with all the commissioners and is now ready to make his brave last act:

At 4:10 in the afternoon, […] he finished his note.

After consulting with Commissioners KC and JL, I have made my decision. I will so order World Teleco to honor their contract with AmeriNews. Commissioners KC and JL concurred, making it a majority vote.

Welp, we’re off to the races! His decision’s been filed and that’s that. World Teleco is Not Happy:

Cheavers threatened the chairman with leading a “conspiracy to drive World Teleco out of business.” Daniels calmly replied that he had no such intent. “Unless, of course,” Daniels continued, “you violate our cease-and-desist order and fail to honor your service contract with AmeriNews. In which case we will revoke the authority of your company to do telecommunications in America, which you and I both know I have the power to do–and I have the votes.”

“I’ll appeal,” snarled Cheavers. “You’ll lose. You’ll look stupid. Then the president will finally get around to yanking you off the FCC.”

“All that may be true,” Daniels said. “But not until Wall Street and NASDAQ react to your corporation being suspended from doing business. I wonder what the record is for the fastest, deepest drop for the stock of any American Corporation. You folks at World Teleco might just break the record.”

After this, we switch over to AmeriNews: The Brave Patriots! Well, not the brave patriots part, but anyway, World Teleco apparently rather gracelessly backs down, and agrees to send out AmeriNews stuff. First up is their side of the story about Josh Jordan, naturally:

At 4:31 p.m., on the order of World Teleco executive Bill Cheavers, AmeriNews was launched to half of the Allfones in America. The headline read:

An American Hero Persecuted: Senator Lies about Joshua Jordan’s RTS Missile Defense System

That’s skirting pretty close to defamation, folks. And if that wasn’t enough…

The subheadline read:

Treason in Congress?

Oh, that’s not going to be unnecessarily incendiary or anything.

I had occasion to watch Atlas Shrugged Part II, and it’s even more blatantly graceless and anvilicious than Part I. And one thing that sticks in my mind about it is how the high officials in the government are all such obviously bad people who don’t even believe in what it is they’re claiming as the justification for what it is they’re doing.

It’s exactly the same here. For LaHaye and Parshall, the only thing that matters is that they say that the Democrats in Congress and in the Administration are a pack of lying weasels, even if that’s not factually true. I mean, this is serious business, accusing Congresspeople of committing acts against the interests of the United States. While Republicans often like to act as though Democrats are almost totally Un-American, I don’t think any of those wise guys has ever dared outright claim Democrats were committing treason. Here, because of the manufactured conflict that exists over the RTS-RGS, LaHaye and Parshall can, as the saying goes, Go There.

It’s a pretty audacious and outrageous claim to make, and I’m sure LaHaye and Parshall seem to think that Josh Jordan, as LaHaye’s apparent author avatar (if it’s not Pastor Campbell, but then again, as in Left Behind, LaHaye seems to like having multiple author avatars) is, on LaHaye’s behalf, standing up in unabashed heroic fashion, calling out the Satanically-inspired “worldly” government for what it is.

For LaHaye, the solution is obvious: Put God (or Jesus) in charge. Failing that, their appointed representatives shall serve. And as it happens, some Republican politicians make much of a muchness about their devotion to God, the USA, and Apple Pie, and according to people like LaHaye, these people are clearly the appointed representatives of a Godly government.

But absent clear direction from God, who’s to say they’d do any better of a job? Sin is part of human imperfection, and we’re all still imperfect and we all still make mistakes and do wrong things. Sin is not erased from this planet and as long as it persists a person claiming to be God’s representative to run a government has no greater standing than an atheist in that matter.

The wages of sin is death, and we all still die.


8 thoughts on “EoA: The Commissioner Acts

  1. Wooooo!!! EoA reviews are back!!!!!!


    So wait, did the Senator actually lie about the RTS? Given the great emphasis that RTCs place on their very particular definition of lying (which allows people like Chang Wong to lie by being extremely obviously evasive, for example), can we say that the Senator was deliberately saying things that he knew to be entirely untrue in every possible interpretation? Or do we instead have a case of the Senator asking uncomfortable, even disingenuous questions?

    Either way, AmeriNews’s headlines are a step down, even from Faux News.

    • I think AmeriNews is running on the principle of throw enough mud and something will stick.

      Besides it’s those icky atheists who lie, not Real True Christians or proto-RTCs like Josh Jordan, nosireebob.

  2. Hey, welcome back!

    So this really is Fox News fanfiction. “If only they knew the truth, they’d come over to our side” – the cry of student revolutionaries everywhere.

    People claiming to have the guidance of God may simply be lying. Let’s ignore them for the moment and consider people who genuinely believe God is telling them what to do. Surely by now we have enough data on voting records and indeed personal lives to see whether they’re doing any better a job than people without voices in their heads?

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  4. So, to bring us back up to speed (and also to let you know we’re still here), what did RTS-RGS stand for again? I remember “Return To Sender” clearly, and I kind of think the RGS is something like Re-something Guidance System?

  5. Cool! I looked away, and when I looked back, more EoA deconstruction! =D

    I get the uncomfortable feeling that LeHaye feels that Fox News is too liberal for him.

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