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Repubs: Your Shit-Disturbing Is Over

A couple of relevant articles:

Harry Reid lays the smackdown to Senate Republicans.

Obama might get his way on reversing the Bush tax cuts.

It seems even Republican politicians know when enough shit disturbing is enough. Obama is solidly locked in as President for his second term.

Also, it seems the Repubs won’t likely get a chance at the White House any time soon, especially as a Biden/Warren ticket could be in the cards for 2016, and Biden has proven himself to be a pretty solid, stand-up guy as Vice-President.


3 thoughts on “Repubs: Your Shit-Disturbing Is Over

  1. Whoa! That’s ‘strongest diplomatic language’ and then some.

    Harry Reid is an amazing guy. He’s a cold-blue Dem in a deep red state that goes Blue only in Las Vegas and parts of Reno. And he still put all that in writing. o_o

  2. My favorite quote from the uncyclopedia is as follows:
    “Even though the first Democrats were southern, started the civil war, were die-hard Confederates, enacted the Jim Crow laws, Founded the KKK, FDR was a secret admirer of Nazism, and only 64% of Democrats supported the civil rights act as opposed to 82% of Republicans, REPUBLICANS ARE EVIL RACISTS!!!!!”

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