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Mitt Romney: Not Satisfied With Going Quietly

You haven’t heard the last of Mitt Romney, oh no, you have not. But the Repubs as a whole have some other ideas about his persistence. Mostly that he should go quietly.

A week and a half ago, Mitt Romney was the king of the Republican Party, drawing big, genuinely enthusiastic crowds to his presidential rallies and basking in glowing press from the conservative media. Now, after a landslide loss and post-election comments that blamed his crushing defeat on “gifts” President Obama had doled out to young and minority voters, “Republicans are essentially coming together in a collective ‘go away, Mitt,'” say Benjy Sarlin and Evan McMorris-Santoro at Talking Points Memo. “For conservatives and Republicans trying to make the GOP friendlier to those groups, Romney’s comments have not been well-received. To say the least.”

Classy guy, huh? Between his son trying to help him grab for government money and this crass behavior on his part, I’d say the USA dodged one helluva bullet.

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