Repubs: Your Shit-Disturbing Is Over

A couple of relevant articles:

Harry Reid lays the smackdown to Senate Republicans.

Obama might get his way on reversing the Bush tax cuts.

It seems even Republican politicians know when enough shit disturbing is enough. Obama is solidly locked in as President for his second term.

Also, it seems the Repubs won’t likely get a chance at the White House any time soon, especially as a Biden/Warren ticket could be in the cards for 2016, and Biden has proven himself to be a pretty solid, stand-up guy as Vice-President.


Mitt Romney: Not Satisfied With Going Quietly

You haven’t heard the last of Mitt Romney, oh no, you have not. But the Repubs as a whole have some other ideas about his persistence. Mostly that he should go quietly.

A week and a half ago, Mitt Romney was the king of the Republican Party, drawing big, genuinely enthusiastic crowds to his presidential rallies and basking in glowing press from the conservative media. Now, after a landslide loss and post-election comments that blamed his crushing defeat on “gifts” President Obama had doled out to young and minority voters, “Republicans are essentially coming together in a collective ‘go away, Mitt,'” say Benjy Sarlin and Evan McMorris-Santoro at Talking Points Memo. “For conservatives and Republicans trying to make the GOP friendlier to those groups, Romney’s comments have not been well-received. To say the least.”

Classy guy, huh? Between his son trying to help him grab for government money and this crass behavior on his part, I’d say the USA dodged one helluva bullet.

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Tagg Romney: Pork Barrelist Supreme

So! That Solamere company? Which totes denied that they could in any way affect the voting machines?

Seems that Tagg Romney was busy building a little Empire of Graft:

Have you been following the career of Mitt Romney’s boy Tagg? As his dad runs for president denouncing “crony capitalism” and “big government,” Tagg has been gathering some of Mitt’s richest friends into a private-equity fund called Solamere — a clever instrument for pursuing government subsidies, contracts and tax breaks should Romney win.

You see, disclosure laws would make it hard for a President Romney to hide many conflicts of interest. But if the money guys are in Tagg’s Solamere, we don’t know what conflicts of interest the Romney contributors are profiting from. We may not even know the investors’ names.

“The close relationship with Romney and this investment opportunity looks to me like people are investing to buy access,” Bob Edgar, head of Common Cause, told me. “People are (literally) speculating that Romney may become the next president of the United States. It doesn’t smell good.”

Before Solamere, Tagg’s main claim to business fame was as a marketer for the Los Angeles Dodgers. Now he’s playing financier. The interesting part is that whether Mitt wins or loses (and he and his wife have given Solamere $10 million), Tagg and Spence Zwick — his campaign’s finance chairman and a Solamere partner — make a pile.

Real nice guy, huh? At least he didn’t threaten to ‘punch out’ Obama this time.

Mitt Romney: Major-League Asshole

Just when you thought Mitt Romney might have shown a touch of class and humility with his concession speech, he goes and does this.

It takes some serious brass balls to be that much of an asshole.

Any reader who still thinks Republican politicians are basically decent people should, by now, be disabused of the notion. In their words and deeds, they reflect on a personal level the attitude they bring to the government and the people it’s responsible for. If you’re just some wage-earning schmuck, you’re not worth treating with any basic respect.

But if you’re George W. Bush’s “base” – the haves and have-mores – roll out the red carpet! Enable the ongoing plunder of the middle class and the poor for the benefit of a tiny sliver of the upper crust!

Thus is born the 99%/1% paradigm. One percenters get the gold, ninety-nine percenters get the coal.

Status Quo Ante Bellum?

For those who aren’t aware of the phrase, it loosely means “things as they were before the war”.

And if you look at US election results, that’s basically what’s happened. Obama is still President, the Repubs still have the House, and the Dems still have the Senate.

But there are deeper undercurrents.

Referenda have increasingly shown a greater tolerance for things like medical marijuana, same-sex marriage, and in some cases, refusing to endorse the rollback of Obamacare at the state level (states can have opt-outs on the federal ACA under certain circumstances), so it is clear that US voters are, at least for certain things, willing to endorse greater personal freedom of action for which the government need not intervene.

And the composition of the Senate in particular is of importance. If the overall Democratic composition is more liberal than the outgoing Senate, then perhaps we may see a weakening of the tendency of Blue Dogs to vote with the Republicans, and perhaps see the US’s tax system be reformed along 1990s or 1970s lines, which would in turn de-legitimize Canadian politicians who constantly call for more tax cuts as the solution to their largely imaginary fears of lost Canadian productivity or economic well-being.

And perhaps President Obama, in his second term, will finally get tough with Republicans and refuse to constantly try to “bipartisan” his way through political life with a party that refuses to work in good faith with a President who happens to be a person of color.

Time will tell, and it is probably best to be cautious, given the heady pronouncements in 2006 and 2008 of possible Democratic control over the House and Congress for the next generation, which obviously did not pan out.

And now with the election out of the way, it’s probably time to get back to Edge of Apocalypse; expect a writeup this week on Mitt Romney Joshua Jordan. (seriously, spot the parallels. 😛 )