If This Doesn’t Scream ‘Conflict of Interest’…

I don’t know what does.

Tagg Romney, the son of Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney, has purchased electronic voting machines that will be used in the 2012 elections in Ohio, Texas, Oklahoma, Washington and Colorado.

How cute. The same douchebag who said he’d like to ‘punch out’ Obama.

EDIT: Snopes. That said, there is the appearance of a conflict of interest and that alone should have made the Romneys do more due diligence than they apparently have to date.


Republicans: Not Your Friendly Neighborhood Party

So you know how some folks out there keep claiming if Barack Obama had just worked a little harder or bent over backwards even more the Repubs would have “worked with him”?


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Let anyone still try and claim being “bipartisan” means anything different than “either cave to the Republicans or bypass them entirely” as the only two viable options.