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Kirk Cameron Reinvents Himself as a Right-Wing Douchebag

Kirk Cameron’s Controversies, ‘Growing Pains’ to Values Voter Summit

The blogosphere quickly seized on Cameron’s remarks, which invoked, among other things, the plot of Back to the Future. “If only my name was Marty McFly and I had a DeLorean!” he said. “And I could go back to [the Founding Fathers] and ask them, ‘What are we doing wrong?’” His 20-minute speech also took on abortion: “We change only two letters in the word abortion, and we get the word adoption.”

Kirk Cameron, you do not in any sense of the phrase deserve to breathe the same air as Michael J. Fox.


4 thoughts on “Kirk Cameron Reinvents Himself as a Right-Wing Douchebag

  1. Considering Michael J Fox’s stated positions on stem cell research (obviously somewhat informed by his Parkinson’s), as compared to Kirk’s attitude on health care in general and embryonic stem cell research in particular… I suspect Michael J Fox would agree with you on that.

  2. I’m a psuedo satanist
    An apocalyptic man
    Yes I worship demons
    Accuse me when you can

    Hypocrites for Jesus
    Make the call for war
    Voting for the right wing
    Open Hades door

    Scream about abortion
    Go grab your loaded gun
    Killing non combants
    No where left to run

    Death before conception
    Death outside the womb
    Kill to find the meaning
    Still buried in your tomb

    Blackening the holy
    Christianize the damned
    Stare into the lungs of hell
    Commit the final plan

    Pull the fucking trigger
    Believe your holy lies
    Sanctifying wickedness
    Pistol between the eyes

    Opening the gateway
    Ballot of the mad
    Church and state allegiance
    Blind right straight into bad

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