Real Life Dangerous Armed Provocations

As I mentioned I want to use this blog to occasionally discuss real-life events as they pertain to the Edge of Apocalypse series.

I just came across this article: Why was a Navy adviser stripped of her career?

In brief, it explains that the officer in question acted to prevent a US Naval Fleet Commander from trying to provoke Iran into some kind of shooting battle. Among the things that are of concern here is that the unstated assumption that the primacy of the military is paramount, as well as that the military can be used to solve any diplomatic hassle (witness John Gallagher thinking he’d nuke North Korea to smithereens over their attempted launch at New York), were clearly operative during the Bush Jr Administration.

Thankfully, there are apparently sensible officers who know better than to endorse mindless military adventurism whenever the Administration or a fleet officer is feeling their oats.

But someone like Joshua Jordan would almost certainly have end-run the chain of command to find someone like Rocky Bridger to cover his tracks and go on a high-risk mission which, if it went wrong, could cause serious problems for the US government; recall that he was responsible for an Israeli spy getting killed because he’d flown too long in Iranian territory, ignoring his turn-back order which necessitated someone on the ground purposely ignoring his duties and being caught doing it.