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EoA: Lining up the FCC Officers

Edge of Apocalypse: pages 308-310 (Chapter Fifty-Three)

Hello all! Sorry for the long wait. To ease ourselves back into EoA I’m just going to do this next “chunk” where Abby announces it’s a “go”. But before I do that, let’s have some of that 1980s rock with two iterations of Don Henley’s “All She Wants To Do Is Dance”: the usual one you hear on recordings (link may not be SFW because of images of cheerleaders and whatnot), and a rarer version with a slower beat.

Before Abigail can send her lawyers on their mission, Jacob Daniels has some final fawning words for her:

Then as Abigail rose to leave, Daniels got up, shook her hand, and added one more thought. “My father was a Rabbi, as you probably know,” Daniels said. “He used to quote the first century Jewish scholar Gamaliel: ‘Secure a teacher for thyself.’ I’ve gathered a few teachers for myself over the years. Abby, today you were one of them.”

Considering how these books metaphorically blow smoke up Josh’s and Abby’s arses, I’d have to say this shouldn’t be that surprising, but what is is how blatant this one is. What’s next, a statue in Josh and Abby’s honor?

The status reports come back: the two Commissioners who don’t rate first names – Winston (firm no) and Johnston (accedes to a series of drawn-out meetings) are in the ‘no go’ camp. Then we get the ones who rate first names: Suasn Copple will probably be OK with it. And finally, we get to the linchpin: Justin Lattig.

As for Commissioner Justin Lattig, he was returning from a speech in Nashville. His plane was scheduled to touch down at 1:00 in the afternoon, but it had been delayed. His staff called him on his cell. Then they relayed a message to the lawyer from Lattig himself. “Tell Abigail Jordan that I will do nothing unless she and I discuss this personally. Face-to-face.”

Gee, that isn’t weird or anything. It’s geting pretty clear that Parshall is contorting the plot to milk the dramatic tension, rather than making short work of the FCC Commissioner meetings and phone calls to move us on with the Saga of Joshua Jordan. (But at least a person who wants to meet face to face instead of doing it all over the phone is a nice change from Buck “tethered to his PHONE” Williams of Left Behind.)

While she and the lawyers wait at a place called The Monocle, on D street in Washington, DC, we get the following:

Abigail ordered a Cobb salad. But as the waitress was taking the rest of the orders, Abigail quietly added it all up in her head. She knew that in a few hours, unless World Teleco was reprimanded and AmeriNews was launched and the Capitol was swamped with angry callers, unless all of that happened and happened perfectly, the subpoena would not be withdrawn. And Judge Jenkins would end up signing an order that would turn her husband into a fugitive from the law.

She finally manages to get Copple to a firm “yes”, but Lattig’s still nowhere to be found.

By 3:00, one of the staffers of Commissioner Justin Lattig poked his head out into the lobby and addressed the two waiting lawyers. “Sorry,” he said, “but Commissioner Lattig’s plane just landed. He’s so late that he won’t be coming in at all today. He’s on his way to another speech he has to make tonight in Winchester, Virginia, all the way over at the western edge of the state. I’m sorry about that.”


We’ll see how this breaks out next writeup. See you all then. 🙂


4 thoughts on “EoA: Lining up the FCC Officers

  1. You know, on the one hand, it’s really amazing how all these people are bending over backwards to personally meet with Abby just so her d-bag husband can get out of testifying before Congress.

    On the other hand… what if LeHaye really thinks that this is how government works? It would be rather revealing. If someone (I imagine he fantasizes that it’s him) wants the government to do something, they approach the appropriate agency personally. That’s frankly impossible for most of us; if we showed up at the FCC offices and asked to speak to a commissioner, we’d be shown the door. Yet Abby walks right in, and in fact gets a commissioner saying that he’ll make a decision only when he speaks with her personally. Argh. Government doesn’t work that way, unless you have lots of money and power. LeHaye has NO CONCEPT of what it’s like to live powerless, and he obviously thinks that if you’re powerless, you’re worthless. Some Christian.

    Unrelatedly, I love the double standards: Eric Holder refuses to do as Congress tells him, he’s held in contempt and people explode. Josh Jordan refuses to do as Congress tells him, and suddenly it’s so very important that Congress be told to stuff it.

    The main thing I find depressing about this is that Joshie is going to be a smug ass when he wins.

  2. And of course the Commissioner’s staff wouldn’t have bothered to call ahead from the plane…

    I suspect that if you’re LaHaye government does work that way: either people are happy to see you, or they don’t want to talk to you at all.

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