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Some Republicans Are Incredible Asshats

GOP Spokesperson: “Lets Hurl Some Acid” at Female Dems

Wow. Just holy crap.


2 thoughts on “Some Republicans Are Incredible Asshats

  1. This is worse than despicable. 😦 The level of dialogue in this country has gone down the tubes, and while some liberal commentators have dropped to that level, they get slapped pretty quickly, while right-wing commentators and politicos are praised.

  2. This isn’t just a “level of dialog” thing. This is someone inciting violence against women. The sad thing is, women are totally used to it now. “Oh look, a man is inciting a specific kind of anti-woman violence against specific women. Also, the sun still rises in the east.”

    Ever seen what happens when a woman brings up something about how the gaming industry or something connected to it is not perfect about its representation of women? If she gets any visibility, she is met with rape threats.

    Misogyny has taken over the United States in the past few years. If a woman has an opinion in the public sphere, she will be threatened with violence, it’s the way of things in the U.S. today. It’s kind of numbing. And no longer shocking.

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