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Quick Signal Boost Post

Hi everyone,

I normally don’t devote posts to pure political commentary, but I’d like to take a minute and tie this TED video link to the “End Series”.

Readers of LaHaye-sponsored books (especially EoA) will probably have observed that the focus characters are well-off jet-set world-traveller types, and the way the books are structured are often paeans to the notion that Christianity = material wealth and security.

Joshua Jordan, for example, owing to his incipient-RTC status and “correct” right-wing political views, is wealthy, well-connected, and thus deemed to be both the secular and religious Elect – the “1%”; the favored elder. His word is to be accepted without question (as Cal Jordan has discovered repeatedly to his dismay), and in the Tribulation-Force analogue, the RoundTable, Jordan is the leader, the mover-and-shaker.

And yet, as the link points out, in fact, people like Jordan are accorded respect and status all out of proportion to the sum total of their contributions, especially in spite of the fact that the policies they favor and espouse would have the unfortunate tendency to undercut the very gains they claim will emanate from such policies.

So, pass it on if you know anyone who’d like to hear it from the horse’s mouth: A person from the 1% admits that the 99% are the true drivers of the economic engines of countries in this world.

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2 thoughts on “Quick Signal Boost Post

  1. This is interesting to me in particular because TED has such a large following online, and they don’t usually descend into stuff like what happened here.

    I think it’s timely and an important lecture. and TED could certainly use more of them! Income inequality is getting really out of hand (to put it mildly.)

  2. In his page-by-page snark through Left Behind (now on Volume 3 of 22), Slacktivist often points out the Christian Heroes/Author Self-Inserts always stay at the most expensive hotels (like a penthouse in Manhatten overlooking Central Park), go to the most expensive restaurants, frequent the most expensive/exclusive clubs, etc. RubyTea over at Heathen Critique points out the same thing. Like being Born-Again (or more likely Author Self-Insert) automatically puts you into the Paris Hilton set.

    Some commenters have speculated that this is either the author’s wish-fulfillment fantasy or an accurate reflection of the life of Christianese CELEBRITIES like LaHaye. (Note that Jenkins’ Author Self-Insert, the “Greatest Investgative Reporter of All Time”, spends his entire time onstage jet-setting from CELEBRITY Interview to CELEBRITY Interview while over-the-phone idiot conversations advance the plot.)

    It’s like they’re singing a Christianese knockoff of Glenn Frye:
    “I Got Mine,
    I Got Mine,
    I don’t want a thing to change
    Now that I Got Mine —
    PRAISE GAWD!!!!!”

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