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EoA: A Judge Issues a Ruling

Edge of Apocalypse: pages 294-295 (Chapter Fifty-One)

The chapter has two segments in it, so I’ll tackle the short front-end here and then do the second part (with Josh Jordan as centerpiece, of course) in a separate post.

Judge Olivia Jenkins was in her chambers bright and early. She flipped open her calendar to see what was pending. She had a full docket. But one case in particular was on her mind. And it would be the first case she would call.

And sure enough, she starts off with that case. The lawyers are there. The judge is there. But not in the courtroom is one Joshua Jordan, and she’s a litle unhappy about that.

“Are you prepared to give this court the whereabouts of Mr. Jordan so he can be served with my bench warrant today?”

“I’m not, Judge.”

“What’s the reason for that?”

“Not anything I can discuss without breaching attorney-client confidentiality.”

“I recognize that,” Judge Jenkins said. “But it could be argued that the oath you took when you were first sworn in to be a lawyer–the oath to uphold our system of justice–is equally important. Maybe more so.”

Are lawyers really allowed to say “Judge” instead of “Your Honor” as a mode of address in a courtroom? I’m starting to wonder if Parshall’s inspiration for Judge Jenkins was Judge Judy.

Also, I don’t know how absolute attorney-client privilege is, but it seems like Parshall is trying to keep going back to the “big bad government stomping over little Joshie” thing. That said, Smythe manages to get an extension on the bench warrant juuust long enough for Josh to do what Packard McHenry (Patrick Henry, indeed! The real one wasn’t a covert agent for a government.) helped him get set up for.

Then she ruled. “Okay. End of business today. But that’s it. No more extensions. No more excuses. Unless there’s been a radical change of circumstances, at that time I will be issuing an order for the immediate apprehension of Joshua Jordan. From that point on he will be treated as a fugitive from justice by the federal government.”

And the iron dictates of the law have now been laid out – as if he hasn’t already been amateurishly trying to hide out in a way that any FBI agent or US Marshal would probably spot in a red-hot minute. This pretty much wraps up the chapter segment and sets the stage for Josh Jordan’s tête-à-tête with his fellow conspirators in getting AmeriNews switched on and live on everybody’s Allfone.


5 thoughts on “EoA: A Judge Issues a Ruling

  1. I trust the contempt-of-court proceedings are ready and waiting. That’s the usual tool to use against people who display, well, contempt for the court.

  2. “Are lawyers really allowed to say “Judge” instead of “Your Honor” as a mode of address in a courtroom?”

    Yes. That is perfectly fine.

    That said, this judge is pretty easygoing. Joshie is pretty lucky that the judge basically pulls a Queenie from Blackadder:

    Queen Elizabeth I: So I will sign this ransom, but it must be the last… *as she writes the order* …absolutely the last. Final. Full stop. Never again. Cross my heart and hope to die.

    Also, this strikes me as slightly odd:

    “She flipped open her calendar to see what was pending. She had a full docket.”

    I would think her docket would be on her computer or at least printed out from it, not on her little daily calendar from Staples.

    • Heh. I occasionally work with judges in the UK, and they come in two types: consciously anti-techie, and wildly pro-techie (and often terribly bad at it, because they don’t know enough not to trust the salesmen – hardly a failing unique to them).

  3. I think I’m going to be very dissapointed when the Judge accepts ‘Josh’s privately funded and owned news media spread some propaganda on his behalf’ as ‘radically change of circumstances’. I mean, this judge seems fairly laid back and not in the pocket of his enemies. If he has such great proof to send out to his AmeriNews broadcasts, why not give it to this judge?

    And a side note of possible hatred, is Josh going to keep hiding he’s behind AmeriNews once it starts as his personal pundit? Cause that would be really aweful. And a touchdown for his enemies, who already seem to know Josh is trying to launch his news agency. It hardly matters how good his proof is, if they let it run for 2-3 broadcasts of exonarating Josh and then reveal that he owns the station, and only started the whole thing AFTER he was already being accused it’s going to have zero credibility. But I suspect that would make too much sense for christian fiction.

  4. The judge actually sounds reasonable and apolitical.

    This means that in defiance of all logic and jurisprudence, she’s going to rule in favor of Joshua Jordan. 9_9

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