EoA: MNE is Now in Check

Edge of Apocalypse: pages 268-270 (Chapter Forty-Six)

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As the title indicates, the book implies that Joshua Jordan, and by extension, his omgsorevolutionary media thing, has been temporarily halted. So, let’s follow along to see how that has come to pass:

We’re back with Bill Cheavers and the question of whether or not he has a way to keep the Corland Administration happy and not risk a breach of contract suit from Josh Jordan’s media company. He’s in his hotel room, Allfone (of course) in hand, and it rings!

He looked on the LCD screen. It said Restricted. Cheavers couldn’t believe it.

When he answered, the person on the other end, a woman, spoke up. “Mr. Cheavers, this is Lana Orvilla. I am chief of staff to vice president Jessica Tulrude. How are you this evening?”

Well well well. Orders’re coming down from On High. Interestingly, this seems to be a callback to the claim that tended to float around the US in the 2000s that Dick Cheney was the real power behind the Bush Administration. The Cheneyization of the Democratic leaders is in evidence here, with Tulrude being portrayed as the equivalent, as her executive assistant speaks with her authority here.

Now, she’s calling to kind of get some orders across to Cheavers in a roundabout way. Lana begins by discussing antitrust, which results in high-visibility media coverage, which is often negative to the company under investigation. She’s hinting that the Corland Administration might begin doing some digging unless there’s a quid pro quo.

[Cheavers said,] “What kind of [antitrust] violations?”

[Lana said,] “Well, large telecommunications companies like yours, World Teleco, for instance. We are considering whether it might be appropriate for an investigation to be launched into those kinds of allegations. Bring it to the attention of the Department of Justice.”

Buuuut Cheavers isn’t going to commit himself until he gets some assurance that he’s leaping the right way.

Cheavers paused. He had to get it nailed down. If he was going to have his company break a contract with Mountain News Enterprises, he had to know for certain that this was what the White House was asking him to do to avoid an antitrust investigation.

“Please know that I would, of course, be happy to cooperate completely–“

But the vice president’s chief of staff interrupted him. “You’re friends with Allen Fulsin, the lawyer, I understand?”


“He’s a good man. He gives good advice. Don’t you think?”

And bingo! The ball drops. Cheavers has the go-ahead to drop the contract with MNE on the basis that it violates federal antitrust, which may well be proof against a breach of contract lawsuit if the DOJ lawyers agree to testify that upon hearing of the contract between MNE and World Teleco, they were going to begin antitrust investigations due to concerns about excessive media concentration.

Byebye, Amerinews! Check, but not mate, however, considering there’s no way Joshua “Prima Donna” Jordan will stand for this.

Next chapter we’ll follow Mr. CSI himself, John Gallagher.


An Unintentional Funny from Romney

Commenters on other blogs (Slacktivist among them) have noted that Mitt Romney seems determined to be “all things to all people”, unfazed by the passage of time or the fact that he, being a public figure, needs to be reasonably careful about what he says. I give you a newspaper article about him from back in 1994:

Bwahahahahahahaha um NO. I think, in retrospect Ted Kennedy was better for gay rights than Romney.