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Yes, Canada does have a 1%!

The Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives has an infographic that highlights the wealth and income maldistribution problem in this country. It’s not as severe in the USA, granted, but given that we pride ourselves on not being like Americans*, and that craven politicians like Brian Mulroney and Stephen Harper tend to be disliked for their ass-kissing to the US, it’s something we should damn well be working on. Why didn’t the NDP get just ten more seats last election???? 😦

I’d also like to bring to your attention the spending cuts Harper’s government continues to embark upon even as he gets ready to help out his buddies in the oilpatch.

* That said, we don’t reject American culture or values, and to a large extent we like being good neighbors with the US. But too many Americans I’ve dealt with over the years have that “lol 51st state” mentality that just grinds my gears.


2 thoughts on “Yes, Canada does have a 1%!

  1. Have you checked out Linda McQuaig’s The Trouble With Billionaires? One of the nice things about it is that since she’s Canadian, she doesn’t let her readers just shrug our shoulders and say, “Oh, that’s an American thing.”

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