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EoA: Breaking the Law is OK (If Your Name is Jordan)

Edge of Apocalypse: pages 235-240 (Chapter Forty-One)

Hello everyone, and a Happy 2012 (hopefully) to you all. 🙂

Let’s start the New Year with another chapter of Joshua and Abigail Jordan as they deal with the Subpoena of DOOM. As you may judge from the title of this thing, LaHaye and Parshall essentially lay out the case that it’s okay to break the law regarding acceptance of service of a subpoena if you’re a right-wing proto-RTC ex-military person.

We start off with the Big Bad Bullying Government in the form of a US Marshal. Now I don’t know if a US Marshal would have to serve this subpoena to Josh, or if an ordinary cop would do. But it’s clear that the presentation is designed to appeal to all the standard right-wing fantasying about abuses of power by That Evil Federal Government (when run by Democrats, naturally). Incidentally, under the rules for Contempt of Congress, failure to respond is a civil tort.

In the lobby of Jordan Technologies, Inc., the secretary had the deer-in-the-headlights look. Joshua had warned her that it could happen. But she still hadn’t been prepared to come face-to-face with a U.S. marshal holding a subpoena in his hand.

“Madam, do you hear me? I’m a United States marshal. This is a legal document. I have to deliver it to Mr. Joshua Jordan. Immediately.”

She reads the document in all its capital-letter glory, and then nervously replies that Josh isn’t there and she doesn’t know when he’ll be back. Turns out that Josh actually told her to lie and thereby not have to accept service of the document. But it’s OK if you’re a Republican!

Remember how Josh has a private helicopter and private jet? He’s also got a private limo, and he’s in it while these events proceed. After he rings off with his secretary, he’s back on the line with his lawyer.

“Well, just like you predicted, Harry, they were over at my office trying to serve me with the subpoena.”

“I think we need to just face up to this, Josh. Admit service. I’ll accept service of the subpoena on your behalf at my office. Then I’ll see what can be done legally.”

“Harry, I want Abby’s input on this.”

“Is she there with you?”

“No. She’s up in Pennsylvania. She’s helping out a family friend of ours. They had a personal tragedy.” [ Note: She’s with Rocky Bridger’s family. ]

As you can see, Josh just ain’t having any of it, and intends to continue to evade service of the subpoena for as long as he can. The problematic aspect of this book is that it presents Josh Jordan’s flouting of the legal procedures of the US government as a Good Thing, when the basic premise behind it is completely at variance with any realistic understanding of how a thing like the RTS-RGS would be developed and under whose ownership the system would ultimately reside.

Yes, sometimes breaking the law in service of a higher objective can be a noble and even very necessary thing.

But what Joshua Jordan is doing isn’t motivated by any altruism as it would be commonly understood by an average person; he’s doing this because it’s his RTS-RGS and he doesn’t wanna share. He’s doing this because the authors have purposely set everything up in the book to make it look like he’s actually doing this out of more concern for his country than any concern shown by his country’s own leaders. And those very leaders are portrayed as self-serving and/or incompetent because it justifies LaHaye’s and Parshall’s Militarist-Christianist Exceptionalism.

Again and again this book creates such a bizarro world of exposition that any similarity between the EoA-verse and our own is purely accidental. It really is mind-boggling, when you sit down and try to think about it.

Consider this extract from a later portion of the chapter:

After Joshua looped all three of them in, he spelled out the issue. “Abby, Harry says we should let them serve the subpoena, then try to fight it out in court.”

Abigail jumped in immediately. “Harry, I assume you’re going into D.C. federal court with a motion to quash the subpoena?”

“That’s the strategy. I just don’t want my position weakened by any delay in Josh accepting service of the subpoena from the marshals.”

Abigail was silent on the other end. Joshua knew she was digesting it. Then she spoke her mind. “Harry, once Josh is served with the subpoena, the clock starts ticking. You then have to rush into court. What if you get the wrong judge and your motion is thrown out?”

“Well,” Harry said, “then the game’s almost over. Josh either turns over all his RTS documents or he goes to jail. Those have pretty much been the two options all along.”

“You know Josh,” Abigail chimed in. “He won’t turn over those documents to Congress. He believes that our national security is too compromised on Capitol Hill right now. And if he goes to jail, his reputation, all that he’s accomplished will be tarnished and destroyed.”

The whole reason “our national security” is “compromised” is because LaHaye and Parshall made it so. They have created this world in this book, claiming it to be “ripped from today’s headlines”, in a not too distant future. It is a false and distorted portrayal that is an attempt to justify contempt for government authority when the government is run by the “wrong” people (i.e. Democrats).

Chutzpah. I don’t think anything better defines it than this. *shakes head in astonishment*

So, what will the Jordans do? Take the lawyer’s advice? Oh no.

Abby said, “If we keep the marshals from serving that subpoena on you, then we keep you out of jail just long enough for the American people to read the first issue of AmeriNews. Once they find out the truth, I’m betting they’ll vent some outrage to their senators. When that happens, I’m betting that Senator Straworth and his buddies will start thinking about withdrawing that subpoena.”

Joshua Jordan, Misunderstood Patriot. *rolls eyes*

Fred Clark over on Slacktivist has noted how RTCs buy into this idea that the practitioners of the Christian faith in all its various forms are somehow an endangered minority in the United States. LaHaye nutures this and banks on it as a selling tool in the Left Behind series, as Rayford Steele mulishly overreacts to the very smidgen of a notion that anyone might possibly maybe sort of wonder why he reads his Bible all the time, and makes a huge issue of it when it turns out that Hattie Durham tee-hees a prank at Rayford over the FAA examination to certify him on his more fully-loaded 757.

In ths book, LaHaye and Parshall cater to a similar siege mentality among people who hold right-wing political views and who buy into the ridiculous “Liberal Media” trope which has never been as true as they’d like to pretend it is. In their view, America (as an abstract concept) is in mortal danger and these heroes in their own minds (Real True Patriots!) are the last vanguard of this imaginary version of the USA. So Josh Jordan becomes the guy they can relate to as he manfully, with pluck and derring-do, outmaneuvers those rascally Liberals who hate rich and successful people, trufax.

At least next chapter we can leave this cliched crap behind and look at Hamad Katchi and Caesar Demas, which is actually more interesting to follow than any of this RTP pablum.


9 thoughts on “EoA: Breaking the Law is OK (If Your Name is Jordan)

  1. I think it would be fair to say that sometimes the law can be abused, and then it is someone’s duty to break it. But that person should do so knowing that there will be severe comeback…

    But dodging a subpoena by getting someone to lie about your location? That seems a very cheap and tawdry sort of trick, the sort of thing an ex-spouse would do to get out of paying child support. It doesn’t win you anything except time. Even Josh’s lawyer seems to agree!

    (And there is the basic problem that the US Congress is only going this far because Josh has already failed to keep his word to it – he’s been paid to build this terror weapon for the USA, not to use it on his own behalf.)

    And what does Josh want to do to get out of this? Trust the masses to start a revolution. Hooboy, Josh is dumb. The masses never start revolutions. They care too much about living.

    • Oh, in this case, if it were any other story besides an End of Days masturbatory revenge fantasy, I’m *certain* that Joshua Jordan would not only get away with his sanctimonous, seditious shenanigans, but he would indeed be saved by the revolution as the masses rose up and established the working-man’s paradise– he-e-ey, waitaminnut…

  2. I still can’t see why Congress needs to lean on Jordan. Remind me, did he develop this RTS thingy entirely on his own, on spec, without a contract with any arm of the military?

    Which I’ve never heard of a defense contractor doing any such thing. It’s just not the way they work.

    And if Jordan Industries, or whatever they’re called, was funded by a defense contractor, then there were meetings with government representatives present. Requirements meetings, design meetings, development meetings, system tests, everything accompanied by mountains of documents. “The government” already knows everything there is to know about the RTS. If Congress wants to know too, why aren’t they leaning on the Secretary of Defense or the Joint Chiefs or whoever?

    If the issue is why JJ felt entitled to used the thing without military authorization, that’s a different matter. But then, why doesn’t he want to make his case in open Congress, where “the American people” can hear all about how incompetent their government is in the face of a threat? Why doesn’t he want to be the hero? Does he think he’s going to be hustled into some Star Chamber and never seen again? But that’s not what he says he’s afraid of, it’s all about how Congress is “compromised.” It makes no sense.

    Also, who says the secretary has a “deer-in-the-headlights” look? Was Joshua still there, observing in secret before he ducked out to his private limo? It’s the kind of phrase you’d expect as an impression from a POV character, not an unbiased description from an omniscient narrator.

    And unless the Marshall had a gun in the hand that wasn’t holding the subpoena, why should she be so terrified at the mere sight of him?

    So, what will the Jordans do? Take the lawyer’s advice? Oh no.
    Of course not. Jordan is a LaHaye hero. He Knows Better than the professionals, about everything.

    • I assume the secretary is frightened because she’s in a no-win situation. If she lies about Jordan’s location, she has presumably committed some manner of crime (I know virtually nothing about the law, but that certainly sounds illegal), and what are the odds Jordan and his Round Table buddies will lift a finger to protect her? Even if they do help her out, she gets to feel like a heel for taking advantage of an old boys network, in addition to lying to the Marshall. If she sticks to her principles, Jordan’s going to see it as a betrayal and get her fired. He’s already shown his contempt for honesty and the law, so he’ll have no problem manufacturing a reason to sack her.

      • You’ve hit the nail on the proverbial head. This is what really bothers me about Joshua–even beyond the mere fact of law-breaking, he’s putting his employee in this Catch-22. Not to mention that he’s dragging his lawyer into it.

        Guess it’s not enough to self-destruct–he has to take others down with him.

        • Very much a narcissistic response when things start going south: ‘If I can’t have it, nobody can!’ ‘I’ll take it all down with me!’

        • Indeed. I personally think that of all the EoA characters, Abby is the most likely candidate for actual NPD, but Josh doesn’t often disappoint on it, either.

  3. This is a weapon that can fool the guidance systems of ICBMs, well enough to cause them to reverse course.

    If it can do that, setting them off before they’re fired would be a trivial addition (given the level of rubber physics displayed so far).

    Personally I wouldn’t be sending in the lawyers, I’d be sending in my entire army. And praying they got there in time.

    • It’s been discussed, I know, but I still wonder if LaHaye knew it was physically impossible to make his RTS system work on ICBMs, since they are just falling balistically with 0 fuel left for most of their trip, and meant for it to be used only on Tomahawk-style cruise missiles even though anti air missiles would work just as well. Or did he get such a boner of the idea that anyone who’d try to nuke the US would be incinerated by his own nukes (as well as any people having the bad luck to be near the launch site) that he made his laser do the ridicilous ‘reverse course’ thing instead of just blowing the missile up, ignorant that it makes Josh’s precious toy useless.

      And yeah, this “Anarchists and lawbreakers are awefull. Except if democrats are the lawmakers, then it’s a moral duty”-attitude reminds me of the people who, during the Bush administration, were walking around with signs like “Being ashamed of your president means being ashamed of your country. Go to France!”. I suspect there’s an overlap between those people and their sympathisers and the people who like to claim Obama is illegitimate. Because you need to obey your Republican democratically elected president, but any Democrat must be disobeyed because he must be not be a valid president. There’s no way God’s own country would ever legally elect a non-Republican after all.

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