A Disquisition on Selfishness

So, as you can see I couldn’t be buggered to try doing more Edge of Apocalypse stuff. In compensation I’d like to take a step back and do a comparison to another well-known work epitomizing the glorification of selfishness: Atlas Shrugged: Part I. Amusingly, at least one movie review has already panned it as being an over-the-top paean to the worst of humanity’s base instincts.

Not wanting to step on the toes of My Fellow Sporker Of Bad Crap, namely the one trying to go through Ayn Rand’s massive freakin’ tome (based on the nominal page count it weighs in at 1088 pages!) and deconstruct its implausible portrayals of human beings here — I want to just flip through the movie, and highlight scenes where I want to bring out similarities between the portrayals of the USA in the movie and that of Edge of Apocalypse. I’d also like to try and note the ways in which the movie holds up as virtues the same kinds of traits as the LaHaye and Parshall book does – in particular, how Josh Jordan’s behavior can be seen as essentially selfish and how that selfishness is nonetheless held up as a Christian virtue, just as Ayn Rand is known for holding up selfishness as a basic ethical system worth following.

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