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Premillennial Dispensationalism in Comic Form!

I was checking out some old LB posts and I ran across the one linked. The comic is basically “Premillennial Dispensationalism for Dummies”.

The sidesplittingly hilarious part is this:

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I cannot stop giggling every time I look at that.


11 thoughts on “Premillennial Dispensationalism in Comic Form!

  1. Oh, yeah. Have you read the Chick tract where Chick asserts that gluons and the strong nuclear force don’t exist–it’s just the love of Jesus Christ sustaining atomic nuclei.

    Seriously, this sort of strong-nuclear-occasionalism is a belief that floats around in these circles.

    • You’d think they’d consider an omnipotent deity to be perfectly capable of sufficient craftsmanship for their creations to keep going without constant influence. So…why don’t they consider this to be the case? What would God have to lose (meaningless things, i.e. glory, don’t count).

      • What can I say? I had a guy try that “lol we don’t know what the strong interaction is” sophistry back in like 1993 on some BBS. I wasn’t impressed then and I ain’t now. I guess they need to “see” God in everything to convince themselves that their self-important self-conception is actually valid.

      • Yeah… speaking as an engineer, all I can say is, if God had to actively maintain things on this level, I would have absolutely no respect for Him.

        Then again, I’m convinced that studying anatomy is the best disproof of creationism there is. If we were ‘designed’, it was done as an all-night hack job on the seventh day after going on a bender for the previous six. There are just SO many things that only work because of patches on top of patches…

      • And let us not forget astronomy. God created every single star and accompanying planetary system in a single day, and then needed several just to work on the earth? How can anyone read this and not realize that the writers of this part where self-centered humans, who didn’t know the universe consisted of an unbelievable large number of stars, and assumed that what they could see then must have been all there was. There are many, many instances like it, where it becomes extremely obvious that no knowledge went into the Bible that wasn’t available to ordinary humans at the time. It might still be written by people witnessing Divine events (I personally believe it isn’t), but it really wasn’t dictated by angels, with the writers only performing the jobs of God’s personal assistant.

        Then again, I also can’t understand why they make an enormous fuss about people suggesting ‘7 days’ might not be literal, but claim (see Tsion Ben Yudah) that the following passage:
        Know therefore and understand: from the time that the word went out to restore and rebuild Jerusalem until the time of an anointed prince, there shall be seven weeks; and for sixty-two weeks it shall be built again with streets and moat, but in a troubled time.
        is a perfect prediction of the birth of the Messiah after 483 years, because they mentiond 7 weeks and 62 weeks, and that must mean 7*(62+7) years. Given such highly creative numerology, why they rabidly defend the idea of a creation in 7 days 6000 years ago is beyond me. They obviously have no problem massaging numbers in other points of their holy book.

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