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Picturing the EoA Characters

While thinking about the cast of characters that is the Jordan family, I thought I’d start finding people who best fit my mental image of the characters. Feel free to comment with your own links to pictures. 🙂

First up is Harry Treadaway who I think does a good Cal. His appearance in City of Ember also could be considered Cal-like, though in the film I do believe he wore contacts so as to have brown eyes instead of blue.

Next up is Blake Lively for Deborah. The book has her having a feminized version of Josh’s “strong jaw” etc. I originally ran across her picture rather by accident but she seemed to fit. Another picture of her can be seen, and Google’s image gallery should show you a few as well.

Josh Jordan. Well, there’s George Clooney, or maybe even Keanu Reeves (KR is 46 years old!).

Abigail. This was one of the hardest to think about because not only do I need to find an image of a woman who has something of the same facial structure as Cal and Deborah, but who can feel like the emotionally manipulative mother we see in the “Love Bombing” analysis section. In terms of appearance, Diane Lane would seem to fit, or Courteney Cox, but neither seems to really carry the air of Abigail Jordan.

What are your thoughts? Who best conveys the mental images you have of the Jordan family, both in canon and in fanon? Who conveys Cal’s sensitivity, self-doubt and inner turmoil; Deborah’s odd ability to ignore that her brother isn’t with her at Colorado, but who can be “like a rock” for Cal when needed; Abigail’s mix of duplicitousness (think of how she defended Cal to Josh even as she broke a confidence, as well as her ability to verbally browbeat Cal) and wifely-submissiveness; and Joshua’s ability to see his family only as extensions of himself, as well as his unashamed prima-donna nature?

Let us all know. 🙂


7 thoughts on “Picturing the EoA Characters

  1. As always, when casting, I want to pick people at different ages than they are today.

    Thus, my choice for Cal would be Justin Long, but circa age 20, not 32, as he actually is.

    Laura Linney might do very well for Abigail. She could tap into the same vibe she used in The Truman Show.

  2. “Josh Jordan. Well, there’s George Clooney, or maybe even Keanu Reeves (KR is 46 years old!).”

    Clooney??? No. Far too heroic. (Same with Reeves, and he still gives off a bit too much of a “surfer” vibe to boot.) JJ should be played by someone who can give off a surface “good-guy” vibe, but with an undertone of manipulative assholeishness. My pick would probably be Josh Brolin, who did it perfectly in a couple of scenes in the movie “W.”

  3. I like Joely Richardson for Abigail. She’s got a similar jaw/chin structure to Blake and Harry, and does a mean passive-aggressive mother when the situation calls for it.

  4. Non-EoA-related question related instead to a Slacktivist thread, hope you don’t mind: what source(s) do you have for G.H.W. Bush’s having said atheists shouldn’t be citizens? Some years ago I went down a rathole trying to find any beyond Sherman’s bald assertion that he said it, and came up empty.

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